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Member Points

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  AS you know, we support the lowest virtual currency price all the time.But if you check the your member account points and level,you will be shocked by the super lower price.Here is the details.Also you can click"POINTS" on our homepage. 1USD=1 points.Once registered as a member of,you will get 200 bonus points from now on.You can upgrate your account's level when you get enough points.Just click the “APPLY”.Then you will get the discount all the time here.:)You will be shocked by the discount.You can use points exchange any products on our site or you can apply your account level. But the same time your points will be reduced.Here is the member class.

Member Points
Points : 500 Points : 1000
Level : 2 Level : 3
The discount rate : 2% The discount rate : 5% 
Points : 2000 Points : 3000
Level : 4 Level : 5
The discount rate : 10% The discount rate : 15% 


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