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Is it safe to buy WOW gold ?

Author : janewow    Source :

   Is it safe to buy  the world of warcraft virtual gold ? Answer is YES . There are still some scammers ,not many .Cause they cannot move long by cheatting peoples' money .NO gold , only Fraud.  Other one is Stolen Gold.I saw someone yells, 9999999G in stock  in game . That is terroble . I cannot imagine how they can get so much gold .Even they get some nice mounts sometimes,but not always luckly .

I write this because one repeat customer wanna 5M gold right away earlier today . I told him we can try to get enough 6M in an hour, but not safe .no one can hold that much gold,but stolen gold. He went away to buy from other one who can do it .:( I tried to stopped him, but failed .:(     Maybe  no problem in lucky , but do not try again and again .   We cannot get that much gold in stock .But we are always offer safe gold in safe way .Selling armors ,weapons ,materials ,doing raid,etc .how we get those ? by hundreds of computers .We started our business in 2012 . 7 years now . and we are keep moving to get the best for U!


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