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A raiders case against PAs RIFT

Author : janewow    Source :

  I believe there are several problems with the current PA system. Granted I think something like this was needed to keep us rats pounding at the pellet machine, however, the implementation was poor and I believe it is slowly causing people to get frustrated and quit. 1 “Forced” to play our mains Just to get this out of the way, Trion is obviously not “forcing” anyone to do anything. We can all log off if we choose. Yet for those of us who min/max or just want to be competitive with those around us, then yes we are forced to spend all of our time on our mains. If PAs could be shared amongst alts/mains somehow at least people could take a break from their main without feeling like they were missing out. 2New players Once new players find out they have to level to 50 and then level past 50 another 1034 times (for all tiers) it can seem pretty daunting if not impossible. Sure you can get a PA level in 45min to an hour doing your dailies but even if you average 1-2 PA an hour you will still be playing for 24 hours a day for 43 straight days to reach the max. If you login every single day just to do your dailies/weeklies (assuming about 3-4 PA per day) it will take you over 49 weeks to get the max (nearly a full year). This of course only takes into account the first 2 tiers of PA.. wait untill the 3rd tier comes out. 3 Time outside of raiding Back when PAs were first announced I expected there to be greater PA from raiding the “end game” content. I was told that Trion didn't want people to get much PA from HK because they wanted people to play the game outside the dungeon. Sure I understand that concept, but what Trion should understand is that many people in a raiding guild don't have much time outside of raiding. Raiding itself requires a substantial amount of time for most individuals. Requiring people to be on outside everyday to do dailies/weeklies/farming + raid leads to burnout. We now have some raiders at 70k+ and some at 5k. Obviously skill being equal the person with 70k PA is getting in over the person getting 5k. This has caused some of our more time limited raiders to become depressed and quit due to “feeling so far behind” with no way to possibly catch up. The raider pool is quickly dwindling and there are multiple new games on the horizon (Terra, GW2, Firefall, etc, etc). 4New Raiding Requirement Prior to the PA system, raiding guilds simply posted up their class need and perhaps a gear requirement (focus/hit). Now more and more guilds are posting up PA requirements as well. The fact is that if you don't have much PA you will be at an extreme disadvantage compared to someone who has a lot. +60 to your 3 main stats, along with resists, and other bonuses is like wearing 2-3 extra pieces of gear over someone who doesn't have the PA. The "gear level" difference between someone with 100k PA and 0 PA is pretty monumental. Prior to PA it came down to gear and skill and you could “fast track” people to get gear if you wanted to. There is no fast tracking PA. Now I have to tell people who went on vacation or had RL stuff come up that they are so far behind in PA that we can't really bring them into ID. It's a sad reality that will no doubt grow even worse as the 3rd tier is released. 5 Time investment I already went over the substantial time investment required to max your PA levels. However, the other aspect of this is that it really separates people based on the time they are able to invest into meaningless grinding. As mentioned above, it used to be just skill and gear, now it is skill, gear and grinding time. People that have unlimited time and enjoy grinding are able to rocket through PA giving their character an extreme advantage over someone else who is equivalently geared/skilled. There is nothing to limit this person's time investment other than the hours in a day. With gear you have weekly reset timers on all instances, thus we can't go in and repeatedly farm HK to get everyone relics in a week. Why is there this limitation? It's because long ago someone figured out that if this wasn't in the game people would spend as much time as they possibly could until they had the max (gear/level/etc). Maybe a daily/weekly max on PAs would help people from feeling like they have to spend every waking moment in the game? It's so bad in some games that they start issuing warnings that you've been logged in for an excessive amount of time. Stop turning us into mindless grinding zombies Trion!


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